Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges are dental restorations that are mostly used for cosmetic purposes. Crowns are cap-like structures, and as the name suggests, they act as a cap and cover a tooth. Bridges are used as a replacement tooth when a person loses his/her natural tooth. They have to be bonded in place along with crowns, as the crowns help a bridge stay in place.


Crowns are made up of tooth-colored, dental-grade ceramic. In some instances, certain metals such as gold and silver are also used to manufacture crowns. Here are some of the advantages of crowns:

  • When a tooth has worn out badly, the dentist bonds a crown to the tooth to make it look aesthetically pleasing
  • When a tooth is either cracked, chipped, or fractured, a crown can be bonded to it to prevent further crack development and to hold the tooth intact.
  • When a tooth is severely discolored and cannot undergo whitening, then a crown can help improve the appearance of the tooth.
  • When a tooth has been given root canal treatment and needs to be repaired, such a tooth would be prone to cracks and fractures. Installing a crown would avoid such conditions.
  • Crowns help to hold a bridge in place.
  • When a tooth has been treated for a large cavity and filling is applied to it, it may tend to crack over some time. In such cases, a crown can hold the tooth intact.


A bridge is a tooth-like structure used in filling the gap caused by the removal of a natural tooth. A bridge isn't as strong as an implant, as it isn't directly fixed to the jawbone of a person. Instead, it is bonded between two teeth with the help of crowns on both sides. Like crowns, they are made up of composite or ceramic. Here are the advantages of bridges:

  • Saves a person from the embarrassment of having a missing tooth.
  • A bridge prevents the movement of the remaining teeth due to a gap between them.
  • Helps in restoring functionality, as they allow the patient to chew and bite food without the hassle.
  • Bridges prevent slurred speech due to a missing tooth.
  • Prevents the gums from becoming weak and the remaining teeth from falling off.
  • Most often, they wouldn't stain as they are made from an artificial material. Also, both bridges and crowns are immune to cavities.

Crowns and bridges are very reliable and cost-effective as well. They are durable and usually last for a long time. They are undoubtedly one of the best ways of restoring a pleasant smile.

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