In recent years, Invisalign has become one of the most sought-after solutions to orthodontic problems. The reason behind this is that Invisalign is hardly noticeable as it is made from clear plastic. Also, the effectiveness and comfort of Invisalign are pretty high, which makes it one of the most highly-preferred dental devices to treat malocclusion. People who wish to get Invisalign to treat their dental condition would have a few concerns about the treatment process. Let's look into the Invisalign treatment procedure in detail.

Initial consultation

During the initial visit, the dentist screens your teeth and gums and checks on the severity of the malocclusion. The type of orthodontic problem is determined, and the dentist would decide whether or not you would require Invisalign or if there's any other alternative solution.

Fabricating the clear plastic trays

Invisalign treatment requires several clear plastic trays to bring about a change in the alignment of the teeth. For the trays to be manufactured, mold would be necessary. Hence, the dentist will take a highly-precise digital mold and panoramic x-rays of your teeth. These impressions and x-rays will be sent to a dental laboratory, where they will be used as a reference to create a 3-D image of your smile. Next, a customized treatment plan will be made by the dentist according to your dental set-up. The aligners will be fabricated within a span of a few weeks.

Using the aligners

Once the aligners are fabricated and ready for use, the dentist would give you detailed instructions on how to use them. Before wearing the aligners, the dentist will clean your teeth thoroughly. If not, the food particles stuck between them could cause discomfort or even cavities. You should wear the aligners every day. Only then the desired movement of the teeth is achievable. You can remove them when you have to brush and floss your teeth, or when you have to consume food. Each aligner will have to be worn approximately for two weeks before a different aligner replaces them.

Regular visits to the dentist's office

You will have to visit the dentist's office according to the scheduled appointments to monitor the movement of your teeth. Also, you will get the next set of aligners when you visit the dentist. A huge advantage when it comes to Invisalign is that the movement of the teeth can be tracked precisely, and also predicted beforehand. In this way, you'll have a good idea about how effective the treatment is in every stage.

After the completion of the treatment process, you'll have the smile that you always desired. In some instances, the dentist may recommend the usage of a retainer for a few days to make sure the teeth remain in their new positions.

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