Overall Health & Natural Wellness Approach - Holistic

Overall Health & Natural Wellness Approach - Holistic

Holistic dentistry takes a different approach towards treating dental issues of patients. Here, the dentist looks at the overall health of the patient before commencing the treatment and chooses an approach accordingly. It may require them to make changes to the procedures, the dental equipment used, the type of medication suggested, etc. In a broader sense, holistic dentistry takes a natural approach to address the dental needs of the patient.

Nutrition Plays a Significant Role

In order to keep the teeth and gums healthy, all individuals need to follow a healthy diet that gives the body the necessary nutrients. The teeth require a certain amount of calcium to stay healthy and fight off cavity-causing bacteria. The gums need a variety of vitamins to keep in shape and support the teeth. The right nutrition, as suggested by the dentist, also helps to prevent dental diseases and the reversal of any degenerative oral conditions.

We Do Not Use Toxic Materials

One aspect of holistic dentistry is altogether avoiding the use of any toxic chemicals in dental treatment procedures. For instance, Amalgam (a mercury-based material) is one of the most widely used filling materials to restore teeth affected by cavities. But, at our practice, we do not use Amalgam or any mercury-based materials as they pose a significant threat by possibly causing toxic reactions. These toxins can enter your bloodstream and result in more severe health conditions, which is why we use other alternatives that are biocompatible.

Removal of older restorations

If you happen to have any old restorations that have been bothering you for a long time, we can help to get rid of them. Especially if you have any mercury fillings, they will have to be removed with great caution. Further, we will replace them with tooth-colored ceramic fillings and make sure they mimic the exact appearance of your teeth.
Holistic dentistry also has different approaches towards treating issues such as TMJ, malocclusion, use of fluoride to prevent the onset of cavities, diagnosis of restricted breathing, use of metal restorations such as implants, etc.

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